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  • Ramón Calderón: "The management of a football club requires rigorous economic control"

The management model of a football club has to be like that of any economic organisation, with rigorous economic control and a clear role for the marketing department, the President of Real Madrid pointed out during his speech at the presentation ceremony for the Comillas Post-graduate Club, the alumni association of the Institute for Post-graduate Studies, at Comillas.
At the event, which was presided over by the Vice-rector for Financial Affairs at Comillas, Cecilio Moral, the president of the alumni association, Alejandra Ruano, indicated the goals for the club and encouraged the alumni to form a part of it, and the Director of the Institute for Post-graduate Studies, Pilar Melara, expressed her satisfaction on the creation of this association and her full support for its objectives.
"It is not easy to explain why the Real Madrid brand has succeeded in convincing all of the other brands in the world to be associated with ours, but this is most certainly the truth", added Ramón Calderón, who gave as an example the fact that the President of Siemens had assured him that the patrimony of this white-uniformed club has been the most successful operation in the history of his company.
According to the President of the Madrid-based club, a study at Harvard University has reached the conclusion that Real Madrid "is one of the 20 most important brand names and the only one in which its executives, the players, are well-known. We have some spectacular figures: In the world there are 287 million people interested in Real Madrid, with a huge difference with regard to Manchester, in second place. Last year, Real Madrid was the team with the largest number of purchases from matches on television, in spite of the poor placing of the team."
Calderón referred, as well, to the future project of the participation of the team in the NBA, which would suppose a change from generating losses to creating large profits in this sports sector.


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