Bueno Guerra, Nereida

Categoría: Colaborador Asistente de la Facultad de Ciencias Humanas y Sociales, Departamento de Psicología

Nereida Bueno Guerra studied Psychology and Criminology at the University Camilo José Cela (UCJC, Madrid, Spain), MSc Research in Cognition, Emotion and Health (UCJC); MSc Clinical and Forensic Psychology (Complutense); Specialist in Victim-Offender Mediation (UNIR) and MA University Teaching for Novices (UB). In 2012 she was awarded with the National Career Award and she granted a FPU (PhD scholarship), both expedited by the Spanish Ministry of Education. In 2013 she moved to Barcelona to start her PhD about the evolution of revenge, both at the University of Barcelona (Barcelona, Spain) supervised by PhD Montserrat Colell and at the Max-Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology and the Wolfgang Köhler Primate Research Center (Leipzig, Germany), supersived by PhD Josep Call. In the meantime, she became a train of trainers of innovative methodologies (eg. gamification; flipped classroom) together with a colleague. In 2017, she finished her PhD entitled "Evolutionary Origins of Revenge and the Sense of Unfairness. A Comparison Humans-Chimpanzees" (maximum distinction, international). Currently, Nereida is the Academic Coordinator of the Degree of Criminology and Full-time Assistant Professor at the Department of Psychology (subjects: Victimology; Attention, Perception and Memory; Language and Thinking; Correctional Psychology) in Comillas Pontifical University. With regard to research, she is open to new collaborations, specially in forensic and comparative issues.


Despacho: 139-B

Teléfono: +34915422800 - ext. 4435

Correo electrónico: nbguerracomillas.edu


Formación académica

Doctor/a, Universidad de Barcelona.

Licenciado en Criminología, Universidad Camilo José Cela.

Licenciado en Psicología, Universidad Camilo José Cela.

Grupos de Investigación

Psicología clínica y de la salud.

Derecho Penal y Criminología.

Áreas de Investigación

Comparative Psychology.

Forensic Psychology.

Developmental Psychology (punishment, prosociality, morality).

Experiencia docente
La profesora Nereida Bueno Guerra tiene 3 años de experiencia en esta Universidad, y en los últimos años ha impartido las siguientes asignaturas:
  • Psicología Penitenciaria

  • Trabajo Fin de Grado

  • Pensamiento y Lenguaje

  • Victimología

  • Gamificación: Diseño y desarrollo de actividades gamificadas en la universidad

  • Policia Científica

  • Memoria, Atención y Percepción

Publicaciones Seleccionadas
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Otras actividades relevantes

-Proyecto Lenguaje (educational collaborative YouTube channel about language disorders): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2Dkec5Yi-y_fogPTpbro3g/about.

Acreditaciones externas

Certificación ANECA - Profesor Ayudante Doctor (09/07/2019).

Certificación ANECA - Profesor Contratado Doctor (09/07/2019).

Certificación ANECA - Profesor de Universidad Privada (09/07/2019).

Formación adicional

Master Teaching at University (UB).

Master Clinical, Law and Forensic Psychology (UCM).

Master Research in Cognition, Emotion and Health (UCJC).

Expert-level course in VIctim-Offender-Mediation and Restorative Justice (Fundación La Rioja).

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