Sidelkivska, Valeriya

Categoría: Investigador en formación de la Facultad de Ciencias Económicas y Empresariales (ICADE), Departamento de Gestión Empresarial

Professor of Habilidades Profesionales, PhD Student Researcher in the Faculty of Economic and Business Sciences in Pontificia Comillas University. She obtained a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and a second major in Communications from Saint Louis University, Madrid (2013-2016); a Master's Degree in Brain and Cognition from Pompeu Fabra University (2016-2017) and a Master's Degree in Pharmacological Research with a specialization in Neuropsychopharmacology from Autonomous University of Madrid (2017-2018). Her research focuses on the topic of innovation in organizations and organizational behavior.


Despacho: IIT, primera planta

Teléfono: 915422800

Correo electrónico:

Áreas de Investigación

Organizational behavior.


Consumer behavior.


Experiencia docente
La profesora Valeriya Sidelkivska tiene 2 años de experiencia en esta Universidad, y en los últimos años ha impartido las siguientes asignaturas:
  • Comportamiento Organizacional

  • Habilidades Profesionales/ Professional Skills

Experiencia profesional

"Human Albumin Impairs Amyloid ß-peptide Fibrillation Through its C-terminus: From docking Modeling to Protection Against Neurotoxicity in Alzheimer's disease" Computational Structural Biotechnology Journal. 2019, June 26.

Formación adicional

Valeriya Sidelkivska has years of experience in research laboratories, she has worked with neuroimaging techniques, such as MEG and EEG; cell culture maintenance and treatment protocols, Ca2+ Fura2-am protocols and others. She has worked with a variety of different participants and subjects, including Major Depressive Disorder, ADHD, Alzheimer's Disease, schizophrenia and others. In 2017 she obtained certificates of "Capacity to use animals in experimentation" and "Image Analysis for Biomedical Research" from Autonomous University of Madrid..

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